Spiritual Aspirant Initiation (SAI)

As women – UNITED, we have the innate POWER to change our world. It’s time my sisters to reclaim and reawaken your dormant Sacred Feminine POWER, which is your inherent feminine birthright deeply embedded within your womb. When we as feminine beings spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically cleanse and purify our own womb, we will naturally contribute to the healing of the Womb of our Earth Mother and our collective human family. Your SAI is designed to assist you in….

  • Having intimate access to ancient goddess wisdom from the inside out…
  • Authentically re-embodying the truth of who you really are as a powerful feminine being and living your life fearlessly from the inside out….
  • Having a clearer knowledge base of your sacred gifts from the inside out….
  • Becoming reconnected to the natural flow of endless creativity, ignited potential and the inner guidance of when, where, and how to navigate your life’s journey….
  • Laying a solid foundation for beginning the Sacred Feminine Mysteries (SFM) initiation, if that is your calling….     

After your Spiritual Aspirant Initiation you can expect:

  • To have a better underdatanding of how the feminine energy manifests in your life…
  • How to enter into sacred communication with your ancestors and why that is important…
  • The importance of ritual and why it is the foundation for creating a powerful connection with our Earth Mother and univeral energies…

The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation Into The Priesthood (SFM)

The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into The Great Mother (the feminine face of God) is for those women who are ready to answer that unrelenting Inner Spiritual Calling into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries priesthood. This journey is uniquely designed to rekindle and excavate the dormant memories of the power of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries entrusted to you by the Ancient Mothers of Mu (Lemuria), from the belly of your soul. The Ancient Mothers of Mu, my spiritual teachers and guides are the keepers of the Ancient Serpent Wisdom. They are the spiritual midwives entrusted with the responsibility of assisting All of humanity in our spiritual rebirth from the cosmic womb of The Great Mother. They are also, the spiritual guardians for humanity who represent and uphold the integrity of our Earth Mother. As a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, you are reawakened to the realization that you are here to make practical and spiritual use of your awakened consciousness, spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, and life’s purpose in the way of service to humanity and, to re-establishing your personal covenant with the Great Mother. Through this initiatory passage back into the energy of The Great Mother you will come to know that:

  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation exists as your soul’s answer to the call from the Ancient Mothers of Mu and to trigger your dormant memories of who you truly are sketched within the cellular blueprint of your womb….
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation is a medium for the restorative seal of the divine covenant between you and The Great Mother….
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation is designed to ignite the divine spark of higher consciousness within you and pierce, illuminate, and transmute your darkened states of illusion into enlightenment and transcendence….
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation presents you with the sacred keys to unlock the gateway to your life force energy, guide you in re-embodying your sacred feminine power and sexual essence, and ritualistically propel you into a rhythmically spiraling sacred dance and into wholeness with the magnetically powerful feminine force of contraction and the electrifying masculine force of expansion…
  •  Ultimately you will remember how to BE the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine and usher forth your gifts to the world as a Phenomenal Woman…

It’s up to YOU to reclaim your Sacred Feminine POWER. It’s your BIRTH RIGHT. Will you be ONE of the ONE MILLION to liberate your Sacred Feminine POWER so that you can live the spectacular life that you deserve and contribute to co-creating a better WORLD?