We are a diverse group of spiritual women (musicians, healers, priestesses and evolutionary change activists) who are taking responsibility for the healing, reconsecration and liberation of our personal wombs, our sisters’ wombs and the Womb of our Earth Mother. We invite you to join us…

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The woman is the Creatress and sacred vessel for all human life. For all human life begins within our universal womb, replicates itself within our birth mother’s womb and at the completion of our human life cycle returns to the universal womb through our earth mother’s womb. A woman’s yoni (womb) is a mystical holy sanctuary and is the sacred portal to infinity. In the West African Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa, Osun is the power of attraction – the erotic impulse to create, which sits at the gateway to this sacred portal.

The (yoni) physical womb is the rich and dark cavern, which reproduces not only yourself but the male form as well. This feminine energy launches inspiration, desire and aspiration into manifested form while rhythmically transmuting inertia into spiritual transcendence. As feminine beings when we spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically cleanse and purify our own womb we are simultaneously healing and transmuting the pain, trauma, desecration and violations held within the womb of our earth mother, our ancestral mothers, birth mother, sisters and daughters while also beginning to energetically contribute to the overall healing of our fathers, brothers and sons. As we heal ourselves and our families we will naturally contribute to the healing of the human family; for one mother’s womb is another mother’s womb and one mother’s child is another mother’s child.


We use sound healing vibrations and the principles of entrainment to activate a critical mass of one million wombs consciously united to bring healing to the self, others and the world.

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Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and each Odu has its own vibration. Resonance is the frequency at which an object vibrates most naturally. Everything has a resonant frequency, its own unique sound, whether we can hear it audibly or not. Through resonance, one vibrating body can set another body into motion. In Healing Sounds, Jonathan Goldman states: “Through the principle of resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations.” In my experience as a priestess, the names of these sacred Odu’s, as well as the verses (scriptures) that correspond with them are individual vibrational energy frequencies that when chanted can activate, awaken and call forth the universal harmonic resonance which reveals the mystery behind the problems in our lives while simultaneously revealing the ultimate solutions.

Along with resonant frequencies, rhythms of the body – our brainwaves, as well as our heart beat and respiration, may also be changed through sound. This is known as entrainment. Resonance and entrainment are the fundamental principles behind sound healing. The most powerful instrument you have for sound healing is your own voice, because your voice carries a unique frequency that’s in resonant harmony with the rest of your body. Intention is the next ingredient.

The sound vibration associated with the name of each Odu that we chant coupled with the intention of healing and the sacred meaning of the Odu penetrates the exact place of imbalance and restores healing and harmony within your energy field.

Through the power of entrainment coupled with intention we attract the critical mass necessary to IGNITE change. OGBE OBARA, the primary Womb Odu governing our One Million Wombs United mission, states that the Woman serves as the gateway and portal to the Cosmic Womb at this critical time. Women are the repositories for seeds of higher evolved consciousness. As women all around the world, collectively chanting our Odu, from within the dark recesses of our Holy Wombs we will birth a new paradigm ushering humanity into the next Octave of our being – LIGHT – UNITY – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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