Giving birth to a new world...

"Heal a Woman, Heal a Nation - Reach Across the Lines of Difference and Heal the World"
Queen Mother Amshatar Ololodi Monroe

From the womb of darkness all life comes forth

In the beginning within the silent blissful macrocosmic ocean of One-ness, there began a subtle pulsating Awareness to make manifest that which is unseen and unknown from within the Un-manifested Source. Boom!!! And then, likened to a luminous spark, the divine quintessence of the Un-manifested Source is fused with the pulsating ray of Awareness. Now, encapsulated this essence begins rhythmically spinning, drawing in its essential cosmic consciousness (the ethereal stuff we’re made of) which is then majestically impregnated within the sacred cosmic incubator that we have come to experience as the “primordial womb”….

The Great Mother. And from within Her dark cosmic womb – which holds the divine genetic blueprint for creation – ALL life is imbued with this cosmic knowing. From the celestial realms, which are composed of our stellar ancestors Her womb gives birth to the elements i.e.; air, fire, water, stars, meteors, the sun, the moon and our planet – Earth. Mother Earth gives birth to and sustains our mineral realm i.e.; all vegetation, our animal and insect realms, right down to the hu-man species; we are all created from the same single celled blueprint, which becomes an evolutionary roadmap for the successful journey through our cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. It is through the womb of The Great Mother that we can reunite again – as One… Now is the time! 

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