Reawakening Through Sacred Sound Vibration

Greetings my sisters,

I’m here to share with you that one of the One Million Wombs United Sacred Tools that will assist in the efficacy of our mission is Re-Awakening YOUR WOMB POWER Through Sound Vibration. We know that for things to change, healed and empowered women have to be the ones to change them. That change can begin with “One Million Wombs Uniting” for universal healing through the use of Sacred Sound Vibration. One Million Wombs United represents a “critical mass” utilizing the process of “entrainment” to affect universal resonance.

The primary Sacred Sound Vibration that OSUN, the Orisa/Goddess of Love, Joy, Harmony, Attraction and Manifestation is guiding us to chant, sing and hum as a “sacred mantra” to activate universal healing is from the Ancient West African Yoruba tradition of Ifa known as Odu. Below is informative guidance to take you deeper into Sacred Sound Vibration and Odu’s.

The Sacred Sound Vibration associated with the name of each Odu that we chant coupled with the intention of healing and the sacred meaning of the Odu penetrates the exact place of  imbalance and restores healing and harmony within your energy field. Through the power of entrainment coupled with intention we attract the critical mass necessary to IGNITE change.

OGBE OBARA, the primary Sacred Womb Odu governing our One Million Wombs United mission, states that Womban – Holy Womb – Odu the gateway and portal to the Cosmic Womb at this critical time must only be repositories for seeds of Higher Evolved
Consciousness.  As Odu – Womban all around the world, collectively chanting our Odu, from within the dark recesses of our Holy Wombs we will birth a new paradigm ushering humanity into the next Octave of our Being – LIGHT – UNITY and Unconditional Love.  That is the vibratory energy of this Odu.

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Let's Look At How This Works...

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. Resonance is the frequency at which an object vibrates most naturally. Everything has a resonant frequency, its own unique sound, whether we can hear it audibly or not. Through resonance, one vibrating body can set another body into motion. In Healing Sounds, Jonathan Goldman states: “Through the principle of resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations.”

Along with resonant frequencies, rhythms of the body – our brainwaves, as well as our heartbeat and respiration, may also be changed through sound. This is known as entrainment. Resonance and entrainment are the fundamental principles behind sound healing. The most powerful instrument you have for sound healing is your own voice, because your voice carries a unique frequency that’s in resonant harmony with the rest of your body. Intention is the next ingredient.

Steve Halpern say’s “sound is a carrier wave of consciousness. For many people, the initial understanding of intent is a major stepping stone in using sound as a transformative and therapeutic tool, for most of us have never created sound with conscious awareness and purpose.” 

Our Sacred Womb Mantra is composed of sacred sounds. Sometimes we don’t understand the meaning because is not the language we speak, but it’s not necessary to know the meaning for the mantra to do what it needs to do. It’s like walking in the rain; there’s no need for you to understand why, you’re going to get wet. 

Receiving Your Personal Womb Odu….

The Sacred Womb Mantras that have been revealed for each of us to chant and sing are the names of the ancient Ifa Odu’s – Sacred Verses. This West African Spiritual Tradition called Ifa dates back many thousands of years and the Odu – accessed through the Sacred Oracle – is one of the major mystical pillars that this spiritual tradition rests upon. 

Many spiritual traditions have “sacred books” i.e., the Bible, Quran, Torah, Bhargava Gita and Vedas, as well as the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead. All of these sacred books began as oral spiritual inspirations and revelations, which reveal a cosmological blueprint for Knowledge of Self, Cleansing and Purification and Living in Alignment with Absolute Truth for humanity. In Ifa, the cosmological blueprint is revealed through the Sacred Odu. There are 16 individual major Odu Oracle blueprints or patterns, which when combined (16 X 16) create 256 Odu blueprints and when two of the same Odu’s are paired they are called “Meji” meaning twice – Ogbe Ogbe/Ogbe Meji.

How can you get involved NOW……

You see the Womb Odu chanting process is amplified when you are chanting and singing your Womb Odu as part of the collective circle of sister women who are also chanting their personal Womb Odu and/or the primary collective Odu Ogbe Obara. Through the process of group intention, entrainment, resonance and “collectively” chanting our Womb Odu’s in Womb Odu Sound Healing circles we can effectively activate individual and universal healing, liberation and wholeness, thus once again, creating the momentum to magnetize the critical mass of One Million Wombs United.

  • Receive your personal Womb Odu. When you are chanting and singing your sacred Womb Odu you enter into a Sound Vibrational vortex that begins raising your vibrational frequency and bringing you into alignment with the energy of your Odu.
  • Create your own Womb Odu Chanting Circle by gathering at least 10 other sisters to join in circle with you or you with them. If each ONE of us would invite 10 women into the circle and each of them invited 10 and that process was duplicated 5 times (10x10x10x10x10)just 5 times without fail we could reach the critical mass and goal of One Million Wombs United around the globe using the healing power of Sacred Sound Vibration to heal their womb and the wombs of their sisters! How powerful is that!?!
  • Develop a daily AM/PM meditation and Womb Odu chanting practice or add the Womb Odu chant to your current meditation practice. The most important key is making the commitment to chant/sing or say your Womb Odu consistently with intension while visualizing your life as whole and complete twice daily. To make the most of your chanting spend at least 15 minutes during each sitting. In addition, stretch yourself and set an intention to chant perhaps 1000 recitations of your Womb Odu within 30 days. 

Begin with 100 and increase weekly and begin to feel, see and sense the change within your body and life. Take time before and after each sitting to breathe deeply and fully. Reflect on the meaning of your Odu and keep your awareness on your womb center while chanting. Make sure to document the changes as we bring our voices, hearts and wombs together in support of One Million Wombs United

  • Participate in our Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter weekends. Chanting our individual and collective Womb Odu’s as we journey together as a circle of vibrant women into the calabash of our inner passion; remembering, reawakening, re-consecrating, reclaiming, re-embodying, reuniting and IGNITING our ancient Sacred Sexual Womb (yoni) wisdom, and unveiled innocence.
  • Support the mission by purchasing our “soon to be releasedOne Million Wombs United sound healing chant online. 

So my sisters we are on the verge of laying the foundation for major universal healing. Thank you for answering this call. I will not do this without YOUR VOICE.

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” Ancient Chinese proverb