Osunnike Scott-Manna, did a amazing workshop for the women of Columbus, Ohio this year thank you again for giving of your knowledge of whole life to many women. I thank You again for your love of helping women to go deeper into themselves to find who they are and how strong they can be.
greatmother in earth 2
Doris Billups
Ossunike is one of the most powerful women I have ever had the pleasure to know. Her intuitive skill and devotion to myself, community and world are a solid source of guidance and training. I continually recommend her to anyone who is willing to dig deeper for the truth.
Corriane LaReau
Source On High, Owner
I met Osunnike when she first moved to Lexington many years ago. Her reputation as a nurturing healing already preceded her. Since coming to Lexington I have had the honor to have worked with Osunnike on several occasions and have witnessed her facilitating healing for numerous people. More so she has built an institute to assure that her gifts are far reaching and ongoing. Osunnike is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and personable. I would highly recommend her to anybody who would like to use her services. When you work with her you always walk away having learned something new.
Amanita Cairo
Lector Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Osun is truly gifted at facilitating healing at all levels of being human and as a soul! Her compassionate, open and creative style open doors to greater levels of self-awareness and self-esteem. Often physically and always energetically she creates a womb-like experience for her clients where oneness, surrender and unbounded energetic nourishment merge. In this space, the now, light and darkness can all be embraced, honored and let go.
Lori Thorell
Senior ICT Programme Specialist at UN - UNICEF
Osunnike's support, guidance, encouragement and wisdom help me find and stay true to my life's purpose. Working with her unconditional regard and her unusual clarity of insight and language enriches my life. In her commitment to her service to others, she is like an opera or blues singer or an expressive dancer--she gives 1000 percent. Her work is transcendent.
Rona Roberts
Researcher at Roberts & Kay; Author at Savoring Kentucky
Osunnike is a passionate teacher, healer and facilitator. I had the pleasure of meeting her early in 2011 then attending one of her retreats later in the year to address issues of stagnation. The weekend was spectacular and I received far more than I'd expected. Most importantly, Osunnike created a safe place where I was able to be guided through various rituals and meditations that produced results of increased energy and manifested room and light in my sacral area where the stagnation lies. I highly recommend Osunnike to women who are seeking to return to their sacred selves and heal.
Thea Bashful
Founder of Sweet Water Rays Reiki
Osunnike is a healer of the highest quality. She is knowledgeable, spirit filled and inspirational. You cannot go wrong with Osunnike as your guide.
Page Parker
Contributing Faculty at Walden University
The chant is one of the saving grace is in an otherwise hectic life. I will continue it after this marathon. I made it a short song and I sing it primarily in the a.m., but generally throughout the day.
I have had some very interesting experiences but most of all I can feel the shift that is occurring in my life. I feel more dedicated to my art and I have been making lots of headway with finishing my CD which is great because I ran into so many obstacles before. It seems as if those obstacles have dissolved and I have been able to let go enough to allow a project that has been working inside of me for the past four years to finally come out into the world. I I have also found myself eliminating lots of extra stuff in my life that is not in alignment with my hearts desire. The night before beginning the chant, I had a dream in which a group of nine women, I think pulled me into their singing circle. They were all dressed in the same color dresses. The woman to my right said, this one has a sleeping disorder. I know what that means! I am still asleep; I haven’t yet awakened to who I am. During evening sessions of the first day of the chant, I heard Spirit say that my warm and my heart are connected and when my warm was violated my heart was broken and now, it’s time to heal. There was more said but just sharing the highlights.
The opportunity to have a reading on our cosmic union and are a retreat designed specifically for the growth and evolution of our couple has been priceless.   Learning the sacred odu for our relationship  (Ogunda Ogbe) has given so much clarity to the divine role we play in each other’s lives and has given us a tangible way to create an evolutionary relationship every day.   We also gained sacred insight into the connections between the purpose of our relationships and the legacies of our families of origin.  Sangodare even wrote a song inspired by the odu and used it for a special surprise growth proposal. Out of this insight we have been able to create collective commitment, a context that honors both our role in each other’s lives to cut through all blockages and open the way for light and also our shared role to bring light to our communities.
The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Priestess Initiation has been a blessing to my whole family.  The multiple generations that are alive now and far beyond.  During this initiation my father and grandfather dying, and my sister was on a journey to give birth.  At this time of major shift for my family (and it turns out our planet) the access to the tools to go deep within, to connect with my cosmic purpose beyond the physical plane and to commune with ancient ancestors and future realities has allowed me to be present to the divine purpose for everything and to serve as a healer and creative presence in my family in a deeper way than ever before.  This initiation also happened as my first books were released into the world and the divine grounding of this work has allowed my work as a scholar, artist and writer to resonate on a level beyond ego and smarts, that activates accessible transformative love across the planet.  And the journey continues every moon cycle, every week, and every day. Love love love.
Namah Lilah Mingshee (Alexis Pauline Gumbs)
Over the past few years of knowing Iya Osunnike and Baba Koleoso, I’ve been honored to receive spiritual intuitive readings and attend weekend journeys of exploration and celebration. I started my journey with the Institute of Whole Life Healing when a good friend and sister gifted me a reading with Iya Osunnike. The spiritual reading was so powerful and spot on. I was on a spiritual journey, but I wasn’t living a life in tune with my spiritual values with regard to all my relationships. Iya was so free of judgment and full of love in offering interpretation and advice during this challenging time in my life. It felt especially heart-warming since I had never met her, let alone, had a conversation with her prior to this reading. It charged and encouraged me to dive further into myself and learn more about the spiritual blockages that prevent me from achieving my life purpose. It also encouraged me to look more deeply into the need for ancestral healing. Before I left to visit my homeland, I received an Odu reading with Iya. Chanting and connecting with this sacred Odu truly helped me achieve a space of healing and peace with my ancestors, both on their land and in my womb space. I give so much thanks to Iya for helping me cultivate this space of magic and healing within my being.
Iya Osunnike is the most spiritually perceptive, loving, and intuitive guru that I have encountered on my path. She is able to gracefully yet powerfully understand the roots of spiritual imbalance and challenge, and offer clear and specific guidance toward healing. I have referred many women to her and all have shared that they felt safe, empowered, and understood during their session; all of them left with greater insight on their lives and greater clarity on how to further evolve. All of my readings with Osunnike have been fruitful and given me more tools to realize my purpose in this lifetime.
The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation completely transformed my life. It allowed me to uncover personal and ancestral wounds–wounds which had caused unhealthy patterns in my life and which had caused me to shut off essential parts of myself. SFM also helped me recognize the expansiveness and power of who I AM, particularly as a feminine being in this lifetime; it has allowed me to own my gifts and to begin to better articulate my life purpose. Most importantly, Iya Osunnike has helped me cultivate the tools I need to consciously continue on my path of spiritual evolution so that I can be of service to humanity.
I attended an Igniter Weekend in 2011, which set me on my path to claiming my power as a feminine being. Through that experience a very deep, divine part of me was reawakened and I began to truly hear the wisdom of my intuition and recognize the ancient knowing that lived in my womb and my heart. Love & Blessings.
“Iya and Baba are TRULY my Godparents.  They have been so supportive, nonjudgmental and on point with their wise counsel.  I honestly do not have any other elders in my life that I can turn to when I really need sound, wise counsel. I am also a Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiate.  My life as been completely transformed as a result of this process.  Osunnike….it is sometimes difficult for me to actually put into words what I think about her because it is just that deep.  What comes to my mind as I write this is that she is truly a great example of womanhood.  Not just because she is so wonderful, but because she is also so real.  That is one of the reasons this process has been so powerful for me.  Also, Sacred Feminine Mysteries initiation has been powerful because of my new found connection with our Greatest Mother, The Goddess.  Again, I am at a loss for words when I think about how powerful this connection has become for me.  LIFE SAVING!!!!!  SFM has been life saving for me.  I know that each and everyday, I continue to rise to my highest and greatest good because I have acknowledged and acted on my connection to the Sacred Feminine Mysteries within me.