Osun’s Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter Weekend

Greetings Phenomenal Women,

I am reaching out to you because we are about to host our Osun’s Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter Weekend November 16 – 18, 2018.

Its no secret that our Sacred Sexual Igniter weekends are becoming known all across the country to LOVINGLY IGNITE sexual and spiritual healing of our personal wombs, intergenerational wombs and women’s wombs that we may not even know. Why? Because one woman’s womb is another woman’s womb. We are ALL interconnected. One Spider Web of dignity, truth and honor….

Now, that’s epic, especially given the time that we are currently in where so so many women are revealing the history of sexual pain and suffering that they have endured – and NEED HEALING. We are in a planetary and galactic EVOLUTIONARY time of major major healing and transformation for the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine energies worldwide.

The Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter Weekend that is held within a Sacred Womb container of women committed to cleanse, purify, reawaken and RE-IGNITE our Sacred Sexual essence and passion individually and collectively is waiting for YOU.

So we’re inviting YOU – NO we DARE YOU to join us as ONE Womb coming together in unison toward IGNITING our ONE MILLION WOMBS UNITED mission. Lets reclaim our Sacred Sexual Feminine POWER together NOW!!!!!

Oh…by the way I’m trying to make sure the updated flyer is added to our website. I’m just coming back into my body after an AMAZING 14th Annual Great Mother Honoring and Celebration event a couple of weeks ago. So, just know that if the updated flyer is not posted on the website you can use the existing one to make your $50 deposit to HOLD your space or your full payment. We are only taking 10 of YOU within the Sacred Womb for NOW. See YOU soon….

In the Spirit,

Institute of Whole Life Healing
Osun’s Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter Weekend
November 16– 18, 2018
Lexington, KY
My sister, do you know who you are? What it means to be a sacred womban – one who gives birth to ALL of humanity? One who is the sacred calabash that holds the feminine vibration of and for creation within the sanctity of your mysterious womb? Come, and join Osunnike, Priestess of the West African Goddess Osun and Keeper of the Serpent Wisdom and Sacred Sexual Arts, as we journey together as a circle of vibrant women into the calabash of our inner passion. We will experientially explore and re-experience our sacred sensual and sexual essence, remember, reawaken, re-consecrate, reclaim, re-embody, reunite and ignite our sacred sexual ancient womb (yoni) wisdom, and unveiled innocence. I dare you to join us……
Our Weekend Intensive Will Include:
 Introduction to sacred sexual practices….
 Healing our wounded wombs….
 Reclaiming our empowered yoni….
 Igniting our Shakti – sexual power….
 Receiving and activating your personal Sacred Womb Odu (mantra)…
 Womb purification and re-consecration ceremony….
 Ancestral mother’s trans-generational womb healing…
 Breathe, sound, trance dance and movement rituals….
 And really so much more….
Weekend Investment:
$500.00 includes introductory tele-seminar, manual, meals and lodging for a limited number of out-of-towners. Your non-refundable $50.00 deposit is due October 8, 2018 to insure your space. Payments can be made on our website:
www.manypaths1truth.org or call the number below to mail in a your payment.
Our circle is limited to 10. The work will be deep, passionate, intimate and adventurous. Each sister will need to have an initial consult with Osunnike prior to the weekend. Call or email today to reserve your space and schedule your initial consult.
You won’t be sorry…..
For more information call: 859-225-7769 or send an email to rsmanna@msn.com