One Million Wombs United – A Testimonial

“I’ve been faithfully chanting my odu twice daily.  I feel nurtured, sustained and protected by it. Beautiful!”


“I have been doing my chanting and it has been especially helpful in keeping me calm and centered with everything going on at work. This past Tuesday was a heavy day for me, so when I woke up yesterday morning I felt weary and heavy but like there was someone around me. While I was chanting, I saw visions of Nzinga and several other queens, and then I felt like all of these women were circling me rubbing my back and chanting. When I came back I felt like I had been meditating for an hour but it was only 20 min. But I was able to go thru the day extremely calm and patient and I could feel them with me all day.  It was strange and I haven’t had that feeling in awhile”.

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