Sister, Do You Know Who You Are?



My sister do you know who you really are? Do you really know? Are you willing to look beyond the veil of illusion into the portal of your own ancient wisdom and reenact your divine herstory? Do you remember from whence you originated? Do you remember what your authentic cellular essence is made from? Do you remember how far back or forward the umbilical cord of your magnetic feminine soul reaches and stretches? Can you remember resting deep within the primordial fluid inside the cosmic womb of The Great Mother?

Sister, sister who are you? Do you really know what it means to be a womban? One who gives birth to All of humanity? Sister do you know what it means to be a feminine vessel, the sacred calabash that holds the feminine vibration of and for creation within the sanctity of your mysterious womb? Sister it is you who is the alchemical container, which holds the life giving and sustaining nectar that nourished and gave birth to the Creator we have come to know as God.

Oh my dear sister, do you really, really know who you are? Do you remember who and what you were and where you were 10 billion trillion lifetimes ago? Do you remember your second dimensional self 45 million years ago as one of the aboriginal vibratory beams of molecular and atomic sounds rays and bands of light that formed the energetic grids spanning across the continents linking the north and south poles to the earth’s axis, anchored deep down within the womb of the earth mother whose breath still sustains life for all living beings today? Or, do you really believe you just showed up 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years ago?

Do you have any conscious knowing of how many dimensions you have existed within prior to being a third dimensional being and what other universes you’ve traversed and why you chose to incarnate within this universe and on this planet as a womban this time? Sister, my dear sister, do you really want to remember who you are and why you are here this time? Are you willing to reawaken the dormant serpent of ancient wisdom embedded within the recesses of your WOMB? To reawaken the memories of your Sirian stellar and Venetian planetary and galactic origins connecting you to the Sacred Serpent Wisdom encoded within your cellular consciousness stored within the genetic library of the collective Mind of Self?

Memories of your ancient ancestral mothers and daughters descending from the stars to co-create the civilizations of Lemuria, Summeria, Mesopotamia, Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Tibet, and so many other highly spiritually advanced ancient civilizations entrusted with the knowledge of the sacred mysteries of the universe. Sister, do you remember who you truly are and your secret covenant with the Great Mother sustained with the DNA that flows through your sacred menstrual blood. Sister, sister are you willing to remember who you really are…? 

In the Spirit, Iya Osunnike Anke Chief Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into the Great Mother Keeper of the Serpent Wisdom and Sacred Sexual Arts

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