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Decide that you will lend your voice and support to One Million Wombs United. Kindly send us an email documenting your interest in becoming a voice for One Million Wombs United to

You will receive your personal Womb Odu. When you are chanting and singing your sacred Womb Odu you enter into a sound vibrational vortex that begins raising your vibrational frequency and bringing you into alignment with the energy of your Odu.

Create your own Womb Odu Chanting Circle by gathering 10 sisters to join in circle with you or you with them. If each ONE of us would invite 10 women into the circle and each of them invited 10 and that process was duplicated 5 times (10x10x10x10x10) … just 5 times without fail we could reach the critical mass and goal of One Million Wombs United around the globe using the healing power of sound vibration to heal their womb and the wombs of their sisters! How powerful is that!?!

You see the Womb Odu chanting process is amplified when you are chanting and singing your Womb Odu as part of the collective circle of sister women who are also chanting their Womb Odu and/or the primary Odu Ogbe Obara. Through the process of group     intention, entrainment, resonance and “collectively” chanting our Womb Odu’s in     Womb Odu chanting and Sound Healing circles we can affectively activate     individual and     universal healing, liberation and wholeness, thus once again, creating the     momentum to     magnetize the critical mass of One Million Wombs United.

Develop a daily AM/PM meditation and Womb Odu chanting practice or add the Womb Odu chant to your current meditation practice. The most important key is making the commitment to chant/sing or say your Womb Odu consistently with intention while visualizing your life as whole and complete twice daily. To make the most of your chanting spend at least 15 minutes during each sitting. In addition, stretch yourself and set an intention to chant perhaps 1000 recitations of your Womb Odu within 30 days.

Begin with 100 and increase weekly and begin to feel, see and sense the change within     your body and life. Take time before and after each sitting to breathe deeply and fully.     Reflect on the meaning of your Odu and keep your awareness on your womb center     while chanting. Make sure to document the changes as we bring our voices, hearts     and wombs together in support of One Million Wombs United.

Participate in our Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter weekends. Chanting our individual and collective Womb Odu’s as we journey together as a circle of vibrant women into the calabash of our inner passion; remembering, reawakening, re-consecrating, reclaiming, re-embodying, reuniting and IGNITING our sacred sexual ancient womb (yoni) wisdom, and unveiled innocence.

Support the mission by purchasing our “soon to be released” One Million Wombs United through sound healing CD, which features a core group of diverse women who are musicians, healers, priestesses, and evolutionary change activist uniting our hearts, wombs and voices for universal healing.


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