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Osunnike Anke is a natural healer, spiritual midwife, seeress and initiated into the ancient healing traditions as a Yoruba priestess of Osun, goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, and fertility. She is the founder and president of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, an organization designed to assist individuals and groups in rebirthing their divinity, co-creator of the Ase Whole Life Healing System and a Reiki Master Teacher. For over 30 years Osunnike has actively assisted in the healing and liberation of women, and particularly those survivors of rape, domestic violence and who are living with HIV and AIDs.

Osunnike’s additional training and talent is in psycho-spiritual therapy, drama therapy and the creative and performing arts; all of which she creatively weaves into her Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness individual sessions, circles and retreats for women. This sacred work is designed to assist women in healing sexual wounds derived from trauma and armoring that exist within their sacred wombs on a cellular level so they can begin reconnecting and reclaiming their sacred sexual womb wisdom and power.

Osunnike is also the chief priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into the Great Mother. These initiations are uniquely designed and facilitated to guide you into balance and harmony with your feminine nature, and offer you an opportunity to reclaim your sacred feminine legacy, personal power and divine inheritance. So that you can consciously contribute more healthy womb and heart centered energy to your family, community, humanity and our Earth Mother.

Judith Broadus has a doctorate in Psychology with a major focus in Counseling and Women’s Issues, and her dissertation topic is titled, “The Influence of the Nature of the Event, Gender, and Gender Schemata on the Long-term Effects of Traumatization”.  In addition she completed five years of independent training with the Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, a wholistic, transpersonal approach to therapy, education, ministry, medicine, business, and coaching, and now serves as a principal trainer in the ongoing work of the Psychosynthesis Center, [now known professionally as West Second Health Care Associates], which is currently offering Mindfulness-Based Psychosynthesis Training. Through Psychosynthesis she was introduced to meditation and began training with Transcendental Meditation before discovering the Shambhala Meditation Center in 1985. Both of these approaches consider that we are part of a sacred world which we fail to recognize because of our ignorance and conditioning.

She is a certified meditation instructor and teaches Shambhala classes as well as Psychosynthesis to both professionals and non-professionals nationally and internationally. She manages her full-time private practice in Lexington where she studies, practices, and teaches mindfulness and the interface between psychotherapy, meditation, healing, and the body.

Nyeemah is an amazing musician, spoken word artist / poet.  She implements the Healing Art of Movement known as Thaom and additionally is a gifted Multidimensional Intuitive Healer. With the guidance of spirit Nyeemah moves energy blockages clearing the energy field allowing healing to take place on all levels. Nyeemah listens with all of her senses and her spirit to discern that which needs healing, balancing and/or clearing unique to the needs of each individual. She then draws from the appropriate experiential and energy resources to connect with her client.  Her approach is loving, calm, peaceful, fun and relaxed. You can always count on her honesty concerning what she sees, what she hears and what she feels.  The experience is often subtle yet the results are life-altering for many clients.

Nyeemah also uses sound to move, center and bring us into being. She uses the native style flutes to produce the perfect rhythm and tones, vibrations she connects with your energy to create your very special Spirit Song. You can feel your chakra’s responding to the healing that takes place in and around our being she also uses her voice, chimes, singing bowls etc.  Some of these instruments are made right here in the US and some she has lovingly brought back from her many ventures abroad. She can also record a personal copy for you to have of your Spirit Song or Songs.

Serene Rivers has always sought to find the root causes of diseases within the human race and heal them. This led her into the medical field where she originally intended to become a doctor. As she continued to study and grow spiritually she became aware of the fact that all disease begins on the level of spirit before it moves into physical form.

In addition to her calling to healing, she has always had a great passion for music and has been writing songs that caught on with her peers since she was seven years old. In bringing her to loves together, Serene found that the best way to heal the spirit was through music. She currently splits her time between working as a Registered Nurse and recording her first album of songs titled “Naked”.  She is very excited to be able to offer both of her talents to One Million Wombs United!

La’Shelle Allen, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and began her musical journey as a Classical Vocalist. She has been featured in numerous operas, oratorios and recitals. She has also toured performing with such companies as the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble, the Juilliard Gospel Quartet, the Harlem Jubilee Singers, the New York Selah Foundation, Great Voices of Gospel, the American Spiritual Ensemble and the McDonald’s Gospelfest Choir.

La’Shelle has been featured on radio and television nationally as well as internationally and has performed numerous fund raising events for such notables as President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Congressman Charles Rangel, Governor David Patterson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She has shared her love of music on stage with numerous celebrities including Patti La Belle, Florence Quivar, Martina Arroyo, Simon Estes, Ben Vereen, Cissy Houston, Pat Boone, Nona Hendrix and Louis Gossett Jr.  In addition, she has also had the honor of delivering the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden and was a featured soloist celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Black Rock Coalition at New York’s Lincoln Center.

La’Shelle also works as a composer, arranger, producer, actress and recording artist. Most recently La’Shelle’s musical path has led her to the study of Music and Vibrational Therapy and she is eager to share her talents in the One Million Wombs United Initiative.

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