Being The Change You Wish To See In The World


As women, we know that if things are going to change we have to be the ones to change them. This change began with our mission of “One Million Wombs Uniting” for universal healing through sound vibration which formally began December 2011 through December 2012. Our indigenous wisdom keepers understand that 2012 represents the beginning of an age of major transition and new beginnings.

The momentum is building all across the world for us to usher in this new beginning. Not everyone is consciously contributing to that momentum. However all souls will benefit from the conscious intentional efforts of the few. The few represent a “critical mass”. And One Million Wombs Uniting represents our “critical mass” which through the process of entrainment can affect universal resonance and YOU are being called to add your voice and intention and be a part of this critical mass.

Decide that you will lend your voice and support to One Million Wombs United. Kindly send us an email documenting your interest in becoming a voice for One Million Wombs United to

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