One Million Wombs United

Giving birth to a new world...

Why this is needed now...

I am certain that the desecration of women’s wombs around the planet and particularly in Africa, India and Asia – the heart and belly of the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine – is categorically a reflection of the desecration of our Earth Mother’s womb and so much of the violence we’re experiencing today. I also believe that women today must collectively take responsibility for the healing, re-consecration and liberation of our personal wombs and our sisters’ wombs that are being violated and traumatized around the world. 

As women – UNITED, we have the innate POWER to change our world. Its time my sisters to reclaim and reawaken your dormant sacred feminine wisdom and POWER, which is your inherent feminine birthright deeply embedded within your womb. When we as feminine beings spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically cleanse and purify our own womb, we will naturally contribute to the healing of the Womb of our Earth Mother and our collective human family. 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and just envision what your life will be like as you step more fully into your Sacred Feminine POWER. Well this is a CALL for you to CONSCIOUSLY become one of the ONE MILLION WOMBS UNITED – the critical mass – who are called to RISE UP as Sacred Feminine vessels of POWER and change your world and the world around you. You will know if this mission is the one for you because YOU’RE….

One Million Wombs United can support you in several ways:

However you feel called, One Million Wombs United is designed to assist you in:

It’s up to YOU to reclaim your feminine power. It’s your BIRTH RIGHT. Will you be ONE of the ONE MILLION to liberate your feminine POWER so that you can live the spectacular life that you deserve and contribute to co-creating a better WORLD?

Who I am...

Queen Mother Osunnike Anke is a natural healer, spiritual intuitive/seeress, and priestess of Osun; goddess of abundance, love, beauty, sensuality and fertility. She is also the founder of One Million Wombs United (OMWU), the chief priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into the Great Mother (SFM) and a virtual chapter leader for Empowering a Billion Women 2020 (EBW2020) . The mission of OMWU is to ignite the powerful Sacred Feminine luminous light within the wombs of women across the world. The SFM initiation is uniquely designed to spiritually midwife “chosen” women in answering that unrelenting “Inner Spiritual Calling” to rebirth their Sacred Feminine covenant with the Great Mother as priestesses in service to humanity. She is also the co-founder, president and Paramount Queen Mother of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, a non-profit organization designed to assist individuals and groups in remembering their Original Greatness, Life’s Purpose and Divinity.

In addition, Queen Mother Osunnike Anke is a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, sound vibration healer, wholistic psycho-spiritual therapist, creative writer and performance artist; which she creatively and passionately weaves into her Journey into Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness retreats for women. Her sacred work with individuals and groups is designed to assist women in healing and transmuting mind, body, ancestral, social and cultural trauma so that they can liberate the dormant sacred sexual transformative power within their womb. Her mind, body and spirit intuitively knows, and teaches what she knows – that as healed whole and liberated women UNITED – we have the innate POWER to change our world. Because as we heal ourselves, we will naturally contribute to the healing of the human family; for one mother’s womb is another mother’s womb. 

Queen Mother Osunnike has the unique ability to genuinely connect with people from all walks of life as she traverses the universe from Peru to Africa, healing hearts and wombs. She is down to earth, relatable and unafraid to be real, touching the places that need to be touched for healing especially those who are called to do this work for others and is affectionately known to so many as the “healer’s healer”.  She encircles people in her magically woven tapestry of love, grace and spiritual truth and her work is truly a radiant reflection of her diverse life’s journey and natural gifts.