As a Spiritual Intuitive I am able to look through a spiritual lens into your physical and energetic body and be shown aspects of your true self. In addition, I am able to see those shadow aspects that may be blocking you from fully manifesting your potential and destiny. During these sessions I create a safe sacred environment to reveal your authentic self to you. Within this environment I receive spiritually intuitive guidance from spirit guides, ancestral forces and most importantly your energetic body that you may not be fully in tune with and attuned to.


Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

The Psychospiritual Counseling sessions utilize my spiritual intuitive awareness combined with a transpersonal and holistic mind, body and spirit view of the challenges, setbacks and confusion that you may be experiencing along your life’s journey. During these sessions I also utilize experiential practices such as breath, movement and sound vibration to deepen and accelerate the healing process. The intention for the session is to assist you in gaining:

  • Access to your spiritual blueprint and how to navigate it, bringing you greater clarity and insight regarding the things that are most impacting your life at this time…
  • A deeper energetic understanding and awareness at the cellular level of the inner workings of your mind, body and spirit and how to manifest greater levels of healing, liberation and wholeness.…
  • More confidence in your inner knowing so that you are making decisions and choices that are in alignment with your highest good…
  • A holistic blueprint for reclaiming your personal power…

$150.00 per session or $600.00 for 5
(1-5 sessions in person, skype and/or by phone 1 ½ hours)

Energy Healing and Rebalancing Session

Your private energy healing and rebalancing session begins with a spiritually intuitive reading to assess where the energy is being blocked. Once we determine some of the root causes we then move into a deeper experiential session where we begin to:

  • Identify and heal the core blockages that live within your cellular body
  • Weave together the fragmented aspects of your soul’s journey
  • Reassess your core values from the inside out
  • Unleash your bound up creativity
  • Heal out dated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs and attitudes

These healing sessions are designed to provide you with essential sacred tools, practices and support in:

  • Re-embodying new patterns of behavior and different expectations for your life…
  • Creating healthier relationships with yourself and others…
  • Having a greater impact in the world because you have a greater sense of who you are…
  • Increasing your vitality and inner glow…
  • Raising your vibrational frequency….
  • Accelerating spiritual growth and emotional development…

In person 2-3 hours - $250.00 per session

Feminine Sacred Sexual Healing

Our Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness practices assist you in journeying deep into the calabash of your yoni/womb where you will remember, reawaken, re-consecrate, reclaim, re-embody and reunite your sacred sexual womb wisdom and unveiled innocence. Your sessions can include; spiritual cleansing baths, yoni cleansing and re-consecrating ceremonies, holy touch massage, intuitive spiritual readings, energy healing, breath, sound and movement. Our sacred rituals, ceremonies and healing practices are designed to assist you in clearing the sexual wounding and armoring that exist within your sacred yoni on a cellular level by energetically clearing and cleansing your yoni from:

  • Sexual trauma/abuse/incest/rape
  • Ancestral sexual trauma
  • Prenatal and birth trauma
  • Vaginal mutilations and dis-ease
  • Surgical womb procedures: fibroid, cysts, endometriosis etc.
  • Painful menstruation and childbirths
  • Unfulfilled sexual relationships
  • Incomplete orgasms
  • Biological imbalances and infertility
  • Emotional blockages and armoring
  • Painful penetration and frigidity
  • Other lifetime trauma

$250.00 per session or $1000.00 for 5
(1-5 sessions in person, skype and/or by phone 2-3 hours)

Sacred Healing Weekend Intensive

Your private Sacred Healing Weekend Intensive is designed to hold Sacred Space that nurtures your mind, body and spirit allowing you to Stop, Breathe, Listen and reconnect to the Divinity within. This sacred time, just for you, will offer a “concentrated” specifically designed set of cleansing, clarifying, healing, and reflecting rituals and practices that guide you back home to Self.

During the weekend we will delve more deeply into:

  • Unfolding your life’s purpose…
  • How to live your life’s purpose with grace and ease….
  • Healing old wounding and trauma….
  • What nurtures your spirit…..
  • What brings you deep and lasting joy….
  • Gaining greater clarity on what are your greatest gifts that you are here to share….
  • What am I here to give/receive

You will leave with a template for:

  • A greater level of clarity about who you are, why you’re here and the gifts that you bring…
  • Recognizing when you need to disconnect from the things that distract you from your core essence and gifts…
  • What brings you the most joy and nurtures your mind, body and spirit…
  • How to make self-care a priority…
  • How to bring more balance into your life…

For Pricing Call: 859-225-7769

Once again this work is designed to assist you in:

  • Remembering without apology that birthed from the mystical and magical womb of darkness YOU are a Sacred Feminine powerfully gifted vessel of luminous light here to share your special treasures and uplift humanity…
  • Re-igniting the deep and profound ancient wisdom that is reverberating inside the inside of your sacred yoni, which is magnetically designed to attract and draw to you the healthiest and most reverent interpersonal and intimate relationships intended for your highest and greatest good…
  • Alchemically healing, liberating and triumphantly transforming past wounds and trauma’s into a sacred tapestry of inner strength, beauty, power and divine victory…
  • Excavating and illuminating your hidden treasures so that your intrinsic self-worth and value becomes the true measure for your externalized expression of abundance and wealth manifestation in the world…

It’s up to YOU to reclaim your Sacred Feminine POWER. It’s your BIRTH RIGHT. Will you be ONE of the ONE MILLION to liberate your Sacred Feminine POWER so that you can live the spectacular life that you deserve and contribute to co-creating a better WORLD?